Reask Monastic Site

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Reask Stone and Walls, DIngle Peninsula, IrelandThe Reask Monastic Site (a.k.a. Láthair Mhainistreach an Riaisc) was an important early monastery located on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. Reask was probably founded in the 6th century; although shards of some Roman vessels used for transporting wine around the 6th century were discovered at the site, little is known of the site’s history. Even the name does not reveal much. Reask is a translation for “An Riasc” or “the marsh.”

Diagram of occupied Reask Monastic SIte, DIngle Peninsula, IrelandThe site is enclosed by a roughly circular wall with its interior divided by a curving wall. Several large, circular clocháns (stone, often beehive-shaped buildings used as monks’ homes) once stood within the site, but none of the buildings remain intact.

Diagram of Reask Monastic SIte, DIngle Peninsula, IrelandThis diagram of the site as it stands today shows how in two cases the clocháns were arranged in pairs.

An oratory, or small church, is shown at the bottom of the diagram. An earlier cemetery of forty-two graves arranged in two…

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